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Facility Survey - UTAB, Inc. can visit your facility and determine the performance level of your HVAC equipment. Are the utility bills higher for your facility than you expected them to be, or are you paying more for equipment service than you would like to be paying? Are your air handling units producing the amount of air they are designed to deliver? Are the water system pumps providing the correct amounts of chilled or hot water to the air handling units? All of these questions can be answered through a facility survey, and UTAB, Inc can arrive at solutions to help your facility save money in energy costs as well as a lack of production from employees working in an unsatisfactory building environment.

Hospital Code Compliance - When the Joint Committee on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) arrives at your hospital to determine whether or not you are meeting their requirements for air changes per hour, do not be caught off guard and allow them to shut down part of your building. Let UTAB, Inc. perform testing prior to inspections and make any necessary adjustments and supply you with a "certificate of compliance".

In hospitals and long term care facilities, total control of airborne microorganisms is necessary. Infectious control departments at both hospitals and long-term care facilities have often unwittingly adopted policies that aid in the spread of pathogenic diseases. The key to infectious control is prevention. Most methods for contamination control exist primarily to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

To aid in the control of airborne contaminants, new ventilation rates and exchange rates have been established to prevent the continual recirculation of the microorganism. These rates are calculated to provide air exchanges to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. The initial goal of air exchanges was established to provide a baseline reference point for evaluating changes in air quality over time. The air exchange rate of any space cannot be reliably estimated. The only reliable way to determine the air exchange rate is to measure it. The measured rates are compared to the established rates and testing frequencies, based on area served, if the rates are found to insufficient, then actions are taken to provide the acceptable rates.

Air & Water Balancing - United Testing and Balancing, Inc. is a leader in the test and balance field and provides skilled, certified Test and Balance technicians and AABC Test and Balance engineers to our clients. We use state of the art equipment and industry proven techniques to ensure that we "do it right". Airflow and water side testing and balancing are critical to the successful operation of any HVAC system whether it be in new construction or a renovated building. UTAB, Inc. personnel have the necessary skills and experience to help your building's HVAC system meet design specifications and become a more efficiently operating system. This will not only create the best possible indoor environment for the occupants, but will also keep operating costs at a minimum.

UTAB, Inc. can perform non-invasive, ultrasonic testing for water piping that has no built-in ports for standard measuring devices. This type of testing can be very useful for existing systems with an unknown quantity of water flow.

Indoor Air Quality - Indoor air quality (IAQ) is defined as the nature of air that affects the health and well-being of occupants. More simply, IAQ is the impact that interior contaminants have on the air we breathe indoors.

UTAB, Inc. has an ACAC Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE #1008005) on staff. We can inspect and test your facility for a wide variety of pollutants, biological contaminants, as well as gases and vapors. This ever present issue has become most critical in the health and welfare of building occupants, particularly in the past few years. Let us investigate your air quality problem today and find the solution needed to enable your building occupants to live in a healthy, safe environment.

UTAB, Inc. has been performing IAQ testing for the LEED Indoor Air Quality credit for several years and has the necessary experience to help this portion of your project run as smoothly as possible. We will provide consultation as well as complete testing for total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), formaldehyde and particulates (PM10), as well as Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH) if the project requires it.

Duct Leakage Testing - UTAB, Inc. will test your air distribution systems for any suspected leaks. Installation of the ductwork during construction may not have been tested. As a result, the air distribution may not be reaching areas it was designed to reach making the comfort level in your building less than desirable. UTAB, Inc. can identify where duct leaks occur and recommend the solution to your air distribution problems so that your system performs the way it was intended.

Sound and Vibration Testing - Although sound and vibration measurement goes far beyond the scope of most test and balance agencies, UTAB, Inc. can provide this service on your mechanical equipment at any time. Not only does vibration damage equipment, it can produce undesirable noises. Let UTAB, Inc. perform the diagnostics on your equipment and help you solve your sound and vibration problems.

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